2014 hit me like a train

Here we go again. Writing again after quite some time – if I’m not wrong my last post dates back to the beginning of January.

You may want to start this song while reading the post. You will thank me when the sax starts (if you already know it and are looking for the lyrics, scroll down to the bonus section):


So, as the title says, 2014 hit me like a train. Also, I have plenty of very plausible excuses to use in my defense, as I haven’t yet compiled the list of the Dottor Milione’s top 20 Youtube videos of 2013.

Reason number 1: I am working. Yes, it seems shocking, but somebody finally believed in me.

Reason number 2: I am trying to find a subject for my Master’s Thesis. Maybe I found it. Maybe not. Maybe yes again. Ah, I also need to find 2 supervisors – 1 from Copenhagen and 1 from Milan. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Again, 2014 hit me like a train.

Reason number 3: I started reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. I have to confess that I watched the Game of Thrones TV show first, and then decided to start reading the books – hoping to finish reading them before the 4th season starts.


A Game of Thrones – Book 1

Reason number 4: I decided to take a huge step forward in my ever-losing battle against the German language. I am following the free classes in my company and at the same time I created an account on Duolingo, hoping to practice it a little bit. The good bit: I can ask for a Kebab without any problems.

Reason number 5: The Six Nations has started. 2014 hit Italy like a train.

Reason number 6: Munich is an astonishing city. Especially on sunny days. Sorry for the few and repetitive pictures I took, but I’m not much of a photographer. I get so much into the moment that I forget to take pictures.


Reason number 7: THIS



So, to sum up, 2014 hit me like a train. A nice hit, though.


Bonus section

if you’re looking for the lyrics of “Happy Endings” by FAUL, here you go:

“I know things have been a little strange around here lately
because of all the stuff that’s going on outside the house…
you know the pressure, the job, all those things that get way you down…
you know sometimes, just sometimes, you bring that home with you
and I understand, but you know, I want you to stop for a minute
and think about how much we have together”



DISCLAIMER: this is not the “Dottor Milione top 20 Youtube videos of 2013, but I will do that in the following days, so stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER P.S.: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the 2012 list.


So, the time for the usual yearly wrap-up has finally come.

2013 has been a pretty amazing year and, as it is usually happening recently, always better than the previous.

Easy to say, the most important thing that happened to me was my actual New Year – the 25th of August – when I moved to Copenhagen to start another amazing and interesting year abroad. I met some wonderful people, a new family, and the most amazing house I’ve ever lived in.

Another major win was the fact that I successfully made it throughout the year at Bocconi without dying or surrendering to the dark side (my exam sweatpants are the tangible proof).

And goats have finally taken over the Internet:


Also, it was a year of re-discovery: I travelled back to London after 6 years and to Dublin after 2 years. I finally had the chance to drink a Guinness again (I made a promise to myself that I would never drink Guinness outside Ireland – experts know that they are two completely different beers). It was breathtaking.

I also had the chance to meet again and talk to some old friends that I thought they were lost forever.

Finally, but this happened in 2014, I saw my beloved Xbox again. And it is also the reason why this post ends here. Sorry, I’ll be back shortly with the top videos of 2013.

Happy New Year everybody!