DISCLAIMER: this is not the “Dottor Milione top 20 Youtube videos of 2013, but I will do that in the following days, so stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER P.S.: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the 2012 list.


So, the time for the usual yearly wrap-up has finally come.

2013 has been a pretty amazing year and, as it is usually happening recently, always better than the previous.

Easy to say, the most important thing that happened to me was my actual New Year – the 25th of August – when I moved to Copenhagen to start another amazing and interesting year abroad. I met some wonderful people, a new family, and the most amazing house I’ve ever lived in.

Another major win was the fact that I successfully made it throughout the year at Bocconi without dying or surrendering to the dark side (my exam sweatpants are the tangible proof).

And goats have finally taken over the Internet:


Also, it was a year of re-discovery: I travelled back to London after 6 years and to Dublin after 2 years. I finally had the chance to drink a Guinness again (I made a promise to myself that I would never drink Guinness outside Ireland – experts know that they are two completely different beers). It was breathtaking.

I also had the chance to meet again and talk to some old friends that I thought they were lost forever.

Finally, but this happened in 2014, I saw my beloved Xbox again. And it is also the reason why this post ends here. Sorry, I’ll be back shortly with the top videos of 2013.

Happy New Year everybody!



What is the Model European Union Strasbourg? And why should you apply for it?

Answer to the first question: it’s an amazing experience.

Answer to the second question: because it’s amazing.


Ok, let’s be a wee bit more clear. The Model European Union is a simulation of the European Union decision-making process (ok, I took it from the website, but there’s no other way to explain it briefly). There’s also a page on Wikipedia, guys…

Basically, you can either choose to apply as a Member of the European Parliament or Member of the Council of the European Union, but also as a lobbyist, a journalist, or an interpreter. If you are confused about the roles, you can check the descriptions here.

During the simulation, you will go through two different proposals drafted by the European Commission. This is the fun part: you can debate on the issues you care most, and here the most extreme wings usually add some spice to the discussions!

I really don’t want to annoy you with more (probably boring) details, therefore I’ll leave you the choice to go to the website and look for the info you’re interested in.

What I can tell from my experience is that, before the MEU Strasbourg, I didn’t know and didn’t even care much about the EU decision-making process – I know you would say “yeah, well… I still don’t care” – but now, every time I see the European Parliament on the TV, I can say “I’ve been there!!!” and “I know that guy, it’s me!!!”


But seriously, this experience is not something that you would miss, and you will realize it right after it’s over – I’m still thinking about the awesome time I had in Strasbourg. This year (no, wait, it was last year… how many times will I make the same mistake? I hate 2013), to recover from the post-MEU depression, I participated to the MEU Mainz… It probably was even better than Strasbourg (just because this time I knew all the rules), and I would do it again and again!

Nights out: they’re amazing… I probably slept for a total of 10 hours during the whole week in Strasbourg, and I don’t think this would require additional points. The best outcome is that you end up like this Finnish friend:


If you want (well, you should) to proceed to the application click here. The application period is open until January 31st and the conference will take place from April 20 to April 27… SAVE THE DATE!!

The only thing you have to do is to write an essay of about 500 words – not very difficult if you are a University student – about one of the topics listed in the application (I don’t know if I can provide them… I will ask and, if I get the green light, I will add them to the post). By the way, they’re very interesting and 500 words will very likely prove to be not enough 🙂

[EDIT: Here’s a link with the tips on how to write an essay for the application. Check it out!]

Don’t make me angry and apply… I am assuring you that you won’t regret it! IT’S A PROMISE!


p.s.: if you don’t apply, I’ll make you regret it!