Sorry, I’m back…

…right when you lost faith in my blog.

Just kidding, I know you didn’t realize I wasn’t writing anymore.

This last couple of months have been unbelievably wonderful: I finally settled in Copenhagen (and I have no intention of leaving it). My flat is amazing, my flatmates too. And the people I’m meeting every day.

I have to summarize two months, but I’ll keep it as short as possible.

1) Copenhagen is not as cold as I’ve been told (so far). It’s just freakin’ windy

2) I couldn’t choose better courses than those I selected (we’ll see this at the exam)

3) Cyclists are crazy (but not as much as me)

4) I won some pretty awesome headphones thanks to Telia (see amazing picture attached):

2013-10-13 22.10.43

5) I found some incredibly good Youtube channels: THIS and THIS. I got this song stuck in my head the whole day:



6) If you recycle here, you get the money back (guess how much my recycling rate went up):

recycling empire

7) If you don’t have a CPR, you are nobody (you will be asked for your CPR every time you want to do something that involves money)

8) I’ve got a Bugatti (just the bike, but I still have a Bugatti and you don’t!)

Bugatti bike

9) Everything’s happy, even sockets (this is probably the reason why Denmark is the happiest country in the world):

happy socket

10) My hand-ironing skills are reaching new unprecedented levels:


11) I miss Italian food (no jokes here, this is serious business):

Italian food

12) Denmark landscape is astonishing:

13) Danish people love to control everything, also your farts’ speed…

fart speed

14) …and they are not so good in selecting #hashtags:

2013-10-02 18.58.45

15) Finally, I am studying. With a library like the Black Diamond, everything’s possible (sort of):

studying you're doing it right


That’s pretty much it, folks.

I hope you enjoyed the quick wrap-up of the last two months. Stay tuned for more news!



QA&OUTs – Questions, Answers and Other Unrelated Things

1) The reason why they put stupid people in reality shows is that those who watch them project themselves in these characters, and can feel better about themselves by knowing how stupid the characters are.

it's a trap original

2) What happened with Kim Jong-un anyway? Is he preparing a huge attack or he just gave up?

kim jong-un ready for war

3) Man, what movie should I watch? I can’t decide (this is actually a Q&A, but I will be more than happy to help). So, these are the movies I watched in the last 4 days, all of which are more than suggested:



  • Life of Pi. A guy stuck on a boat with a tiger. Plus, the direction of Ang Lee:




4) I need to go out now. I managed to do a stop&go in the awfully amazing Bellosguardo before flying over to Copenhagen. Ah, by the way, it seems that I have a room now. In the city centre. I’m going to create a waiting list for all the people who want to come and visit me.


5) I’m learning some Danish, it seems like a mix of German and English (that’s probably the reason why it doesn’t seem so difficult).


6) From the series “songs that you can’t get out of your head”:



7) Ads that can solve the “I-need-to-share-every-second-of-my-life” problem. Plus, you get a free beer:



8) You can see the Doctor Who Police Telephone Box on Google Maps. Click on the double arrow once street-view is loaded. YOU’RE WELCOME.


9) Vine is the best app ever released (sorry Whatsapp, but this video will never be matched):


10) Just listen and relax. Have a good night!

The utility function

Here we are with another lecture on simple economics applied to real life. Just to let you know, it is the second lecture of this genre; I published my first and super acclaimed lecture on the incentive to deviate back in January. If you haven’t read it, you should (I am very proud of that post 🙂 ).

During an argument with some relatives over religion – yes, huge mistake! – I started to help myself out of the situation by introducing the simple economics of the utility function. Ok, but what is a utility function?

Utility basically encompasses your preferences. For a deeper analysis, you could learn more about the indifference curves (thanks Wikipedia). This concept is at the basis of the consumers’ choices. However, what I think is that this concept is at the basis of the everyday life.

(little pause, my laptop crashed and I thought I lost the draft)

Is this concept clear? Ok, let’s get going. So, we were arguing over the behaviour of “bigotti” (check the translation here on and their acting when it comes to certain situations. Things like “turn the other cheek” or “treat others the way you want to be treated” seem to disappear, for example, when they see homeless people begging for money, or when there is an argument between some people. You can say there is good and bad behaviour.

Not to me.

It’s easier. It comes down to utility (that’s it): are people better off? If the answer is no, they wouldn’t move from the position they are in; conversely, if the answer is yes, then you can be sure they will do something (you can call it self-esteem or else).

So, in the end, there is no good and evil. There is just economics.

Confused much? Not a problem. I always have headaches when I study economics…

As usual, some videos:

1. Ah, Coca-cola, you always surprise me… Right in the feels :’) :

Italian version


English version


2. If I ever had a physics professor like him, I would be a physicist today… By the way, subscribe to the MIT channel, it’s an incredible source:


3. Goats, as always:


4. The greatest invention in the last century:


“There are more funny videos on the Internet than bad news in the world.”

“There are reasons to believe in a better world.”

Lunch break

I finally wrote a post in the middle of the day. Incredible, huh?

So here’s the reason. In the last few days I’ve been watching so many beautiful ads that I couldn’t resist to make a mini-list with the ones that struck me the most.

Special thanks go to Samsung, Red Bull, Dove, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. So, here we go, no more waiting – lunch breaks are terribly short:

1. Is that an old man playing basketball? #uncledrew


2. You are more beautiful than you think #WeAreBeautiful


3. In my view, this is the best one. Coca-cola is winning the ad race


4. Good guy Adobe


5. Can you stare at something for that long?


6. From more than one year ago, but it still generates lots of buzz


7. Nice catch! Plus, you can see the birdcam here (not very recommended – it got me a headache) and he’s got a British accent


8. Probably the most intriguing one from Red Bull


9. If this video gets to 1 million views, Toyota will donate 1 million meals to food bank. ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!


10. For travellers


11. Just discovered. Amazing (obviously, from Red Bull). The behind the scenes is spectacular.


12. And, finally, the best motivational video ever made


Enjoy your break (which is probably already gone, but enjoy it anyway)!!


I should have written this post last night, but I was way too tired to be able to write down something.

So, basically, last night I came back. The Milan experience is over. Mixed feelings.

last moments

The last moments with my flatmates were almost unreal, nobody could realize that in few moments everything was going to finish. I had such an amazing experience in this house, with both positive and negative sides… It’s easy to say “I’ll never forget it”, but this time it will be for real… And yeah, it could be that my experience in Denmark will be even more amazing, but still, this was gold.
The message I received from my flatmates as soon as I arrived home moved me, and my friends know that I usually cry once or at maximum twice a year…

everything packed

So, everything was ready, but I still had to find the force to leave the house… My lovely flatmate gave me a USB key as a present, and she put inside a picture we took when we used to have breakfast on the terrace every morning. The title of the pic was “I’ll miss you, enjoy your trip!”:

Enjoy your trip

So I had to run away and cry on my already empty bed… Oh, wait.. It wasn’t even mine anymore. Sorry new flatmate, you’ll find your bed washed with not-so-manly tears!

But let’s get going… I managed to pack everything in my car so I only had to do one trip. Here you can see a picture of my funny travel companion!!

travel companion

As soon as I arrived home, though, I realized I wasn’t exactly at home. Yeah, ok, here I can go around and do whatever I want, but there is something missing: the feeling you create with your flatmates is completely different from the one with your family (ok, it’s obvious… sorry for stating that).

Also, I’ve always been relocating year after year: from the South of Italy to the North, then to another city, then to another country, then back to Italy and to another city again and next, to another country again. I’m not quite sure where I should feel at home. Well, I think I’ve got something… It’s different, it’s not that I don’t feel at home.

I actually feel at home everywhere I go. Every place has given me something that I’ll never forget. Friends, parties, cheap beer, amazing sight-seeings, etc… And every time I go back to a particular place I still feel that I am at home. That’s it. Thanks WordPress for helping me out on understanding this.

So… Here we go!! Next home: Copenhagen!

Holy crap, I forgot my bike in Milan!!