Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual – So many choices, so little time

Exceptionally, I am presenting to you a Saturday Morning Special Post.

This was originally intended to be a Facebook post, but I got carried away reading news and stupid stuff. So, here we go with what I found this morning.

Note: I am awake because it appears that some people around here like to talk really loudly on Saturday morning; in my opinion, there should be a law which makes it unconstitutional to speak loudly in the morning – just like one that should forbid having cappuccino after lunch.

First things first: we need some sound. Among the many choices, I think Parov Stelar goes perfectly with this “soon-to-be-sunny” day in Munich:


Let’s start then.

1. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal got it right with the comic about the history of technology. NB: the brain representing political analysis made me laugh more than I should have.

2. You can finally block those people that send you private messages/requests on LinkedIn. Thanks Mashable for the how-to part.

3. Many people are getting mad at Facebook acquiring WhatsApp because of “privacy issues”. Am I the only happy one? If they manage to integrate them I will just need one app between Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, which means that I can finally install another app (yeah, I have a really crappy phone with little internal memory). Also, have you ever tried going to the Facebook settings and clicked on the tab “Apps”? You will see how many apps are already connected to your account. Finally, have you already forgotten the NSA scandal? Your data is in somebody else’s hands anyway.

4. Good news everyone: a start-up called Streak will let you know when recipients ready your e-mails. Yeah, I know, this thing is old news, but the pro of this one is that it is free – for the moment. I’m trying it out. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for Firefox and Android.

5. This is how you pull a prank:


Unfortunately, as I read on the article from the Verge about the DHL ad, it was produced by an external company, with no involvement whatsoever from the delivery service.


Bonus point – just for Italians though.

6. Superwin di the Jackal, che spaccano di brutto con l’ultimo video su Sanremo. Ecco qua l’epica composizione:


Mi sembra superfluo ricordarvi che sono quelli di Lost in Google, Gay Ingenui e millemila altri video spettacolari. Fatevi un giro sul canale Youtube di the Jackal, non ve ne pentirete.


Big NERDY news!


this post doesn’t bring you great news, unless… you’re a NERD!!!

First one: Canonical (that is, Ubuntu) is going to release a phone version of its amazing Operating Software… CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Here’s the video, I obviously recommend you to watch it from the beginning ’till the very end (the guy has an amazing British accent!!):


You’ve got buffering problems or you don’t want to listen to 22 minutes of just chatting?


Then I’ll briefly tell you the story. Ubuntu will have a faster access, the lock screen isn’t actually a lock screen but rather a welcome screen which gives you social updates whenever you receive them. Being open-source, there will be tons of apps ready for you. It has the possibility of desktop convergence, that is you can connect your desktop computer to your phone (amazing). There are agreements with Dell, Asus, HP and I can’t remember which other companies to provide Ubuntu-certified desktop computers. And last, but not least – actually this should be the most amazing news – , there will be STEAM (on your desktop computer, but give time to time). END OF THE FIRST AMAZING STORY!

Enjoy the hands-on demo (remember, this is not the final version):


Another story, that I just ran into, is that Facebook will provide free phone calls to the users (sorry, the article is in Italian). This feature is only available in Canada at the moment, but if everything goes the right way we will all enjoy free calls around the planet!

WAIT! I just found the article in English on Mashable!!!

One thing to remind: even though the call is free, it will be using your Internet data plan, therefore be sure to see how many Gigabytes you have left before making a Facebook call.

And those were the NERDY news for today… I am going to look for other news, but I’ll be travelling for tonight and tomorrow, so I can’t assure you get the latest NERD stuff!!

I gotta go!! Enjoy!!



[Wiki] How to keep your PC/Mac clean (for beginners) – Part 2

Welcome back with the second part on how to keep your computer clean using one of the easiest yet useful programs available on the web, CCleaner. If you haven’t followed the first part (or you haven’t downloaded it yet) you can find all what you need in the previous post I have made.

Today I am going to talk about the Registry section of CCleaner. This tool will help you to clean the registry from the obsolete data and broken links/software/etc. keys – that is, junk codes – which are of no use to your computer anymore.

I promise this tutorial will be much faster than the previous one. Are you ready? Let’s begin:

1) First of all, open CCleaner and go to the Registry section (as always, pics will open in a new tab if you click on them):


2) Now, you can basically check all the boxes you see – they won’t harm your computer – , and then you can click on “Scan for Issues” (the first time you run it, the scan will be quite slow, but it will get faster over time as it will find less problems in the registry):


3) At the end of the analysis, you will probably have an almost infinite list of problems (since it’s the first time you run it). Now click on “Fix selected issues as shown in the picture:


4) Now a window will appear asking you if you want to keep a backup of the changes to the registry. I suggest you to do so, at least at the beginning, even though I never had issues… but you know, computers can make silly surprises:


5) At this point, I also advise you to create a folder named CCleaner in the Documents folder, where you can keep your backups (they are very small in size):


6) After having saved the backup, click on “Fix all selected issues”:


7) When the program will have completed its task, you can close the window. As a final recommendation, try and run it several times until you see an – almost – empty list of issues. One day, you will probably end up with a list like this:


Have fun cleaning your computer!!! And don’t forget to report any issues or steps that are not clear to you… I’ll be happy to help!! 🙂

[Wiki] How to keep your PC/Mac clean (for beginners)

And here we are with another step by step tutorial. In this one, I will just explain how to setup and use the Cleaner section of CCleaner. I will explain the use of the Registry Cleaner and the additional tools that this amazing and easy-to-use  program provides in another post, otherwise this gets very long (it just looks long, but it won’t take more than 5 minutes).

1) First things first: download CCleaner. These are the links: CCleaner for PC, CCleaner for Mac (for Mac users: I haven’t tried CCleaner on a Mac, but from the screenshots I have seen that it looks exactly like the one for the PC – anyway, if you have any problems during the setup phase, contact me).

(I checked all the pictures, since they look small I modified them to open in a new tab once you click on them, so you can see them larger)

2) After you have downloaded it, proceed to the setup. At the 3rd setup page, you’ll find this window:


I usually uncheck the first option because I like to keep my desktop clean, but you can leave it if you like to have shortcuts on your desktop.

3) At the completion of the setup, uncheck the option “view release notes” (you won’t need to see them – it’s just a notepad document):


4) Now CCleaner will be opened and you’ll see something like this (don’t worry about the tabs on the top, they’re from my awesome Toshiba laptop):


5) Now we can start the difficult part. It all depends on what you wish to keep or remove from your computer. You will see 2 tabs called “Windows” and “Applications”.

6) Let’s start from “Windows”. Here, I check everything except the options circled in red (sometimes they are useful to be kept in the computer). Here you can also start the first part of your personalization: If you like to keep passwords and auto-complete form history (like the popups that appear while you’re typing for example your login name on a web page) for Internet Explorer, then you should UNCHECK them, otherwise they will be deleted – if you are unsure about anything, you can comment or contact me -. I like to delete them every time I use CCleaner for a matter of security:


7) In the tab “Applications” you can basically select everything in order to be deleted (it won’t harm your computer). You can keep passwords, saved form information and even history for Firefox and Google Chrome if you wish to. As I said earlier, it is probably safer to delete them from time to time:


8) Now we can proceed to the first cleaning of the computer. Once all your desired options are selected, click on “Analyze” and a scan will start. The first time you are using it, it will be unbelievably slow, but just because there are a lot of junk files which are just wasting your computer’s hard disk space. At the end of the analysis you will see this (sort of):


9) You can finally click on “Run Cleaner” (remember to close the browsers – and remember to return on the blog once you have run the cleaner :D) and your computer will be freed from all the junk files 😀 (also the cleaner will be considerably slow the first time you run it).

10) Enjoy your larger hard disk space and your (probably) faster browsers!!! Once you close CCleaner your personalization will be saved, so you don’t have to check/uncheck the boxes every time you open it.

[Wiki] How to remove ads from websites (YOUTUBE in primis)?

I’m writing this post in order to help loads of people overcome their issues with advertising on websites – and especially YOUTUBE – so I won’t see their (actually your) complaints on Facebook/Twitter/etc. anymore.

I haven’t seen an ad for quite a long time; however, every time I have to use a friend’s laptop I get scared by the myriads of ads I get thrown at my face.

So here’s the tutorial (which consists in one step):

1. Download adblock plus Firefox Version, Chrome Version

[EDIT]: I also found the Safari Version , so that also the Apple/Safari users can benefit from it! (click on the links and it will open a new tab where you can download the extension)


p.s.: if you are obsessed with privacy as much as I do, you can also download Ghostery (it’s the Firefox version, I can’t find it for Chrome – sorry). Be careful with this, because it will block all the trackers and even most of the widgets present on the websites, therefore it needs a bit of tweaking – you gotta set it up right.

p.p.s.: you can also download the Download Statusbar if you get annoyed easily by the popup window that appears on Firefox every time you try to download something