Who’s this guy

Lots of people tend to believe that I’m crazy, but after knowing me for a while, they become certain about it.

At the moment I am a MSc student at Bocconi University, and that’s all the personal information I’ll provide… You know, I care about privacy 😀

What I mostly like to do is travelling and surfing the web to find out all the useless content in order to bring it to everybody’s attention.

Some say that I do quite a lot of things, but the reality is that I just focus on few things for a short time (ok, I revealed you my secret and I have to kill you all muhahahahahaha)

I’m not sure I want to keep saying more, you’ll find out who I really am by following my posts and by buying my book (just kidding, I haven’t written any books, that would require a long-term focus)!

I hope you’ll have fun on my blog, it’s its main purpose!


One thought on “Who’s this guy

  1. I can’t really remember how I’d enter you site, but it makes me smile. I just rode two posts and they’re so funny. But I don’t wanna read more, ’cause maybe the others are shitty. Keep on writing to give other people a smile too! Cheers koka

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