What to do on a Friday night?

There is a slight chance that if you’re reading my post, well, it means that you are asking yourself this question.

The thing is that I lied: I’m not gonna tell you what you should do, but rather I will tell you what I am doing on this Friday night. Long story short, I decided to use this evening as an opportunity to wrap up a lot of thoughts and memories that I have been collecting for the last months (you may – or may not – have noticed that I haven’t been posting to the blog since February).

So, first of all, as I have been doing lately, let’s put some sound on to give some atmosphere to the post. Tonight, I chose to go with Vogelvlucht, from a Dutch guy… If you don’t know him, you should totally check his tunes (note, the real song starts at around 0:30):


Here we go… Ready? I will use the numbered list as it is gonna be easier to list all of my points (and otherwise instead of “Friday night”, I will have to switch the title to “What to do on a Saturday morning”):

  1. I’ve been doing some awesome stuff at work (and you lots know how much I like to brag about what I do): tired but happy of what’s coming out!
  2. I went to Switzerland for the first time in my life. And I ate one of the best pizzas I have ever had the chance to eat in my life. Proof here:

    pizza luigia geneva

    possibly the best pizza in Geneva (and Switzerland)

  3. I found my inner peace again because I managed to find good coffee in Germany (it was harder than I thought). Also, Germany has a lot more sunny days than one would think:
  4. I went back home, but first I went through Austria, where the landscape is amazing (but maybe they are not so good with Italian translations):
  5. Once home, I had the infinite pleasure of tasting my dad’s pizza again (don’t ask me why he made it in a square shape):

    Homemade pizza

    Homemade pizza

  6. On my way back to Germany, I decided to take the long road, so I went to Switzerland for the second time in my life – in less than one month (and in the meanwhile I also participated to the Business Game St. Gallen, where I won one of the competitions – you remember the thing about bragging about it?):

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  7. I arrived back at the office and one present was waiting for me:

    Pasta gift

    Pasta gift

  8. I finally proved to myself that I can also cook food other than pasta. Here you go, my masterpiece:

    my first tiramisu

    my first tiramisu


So, I will give you one piece of advice – which was hidden in the pictures I uploaded – regarding what to do on a Friday night: as Lionel Richie would say, STAY EASY!


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