Sorry, I’m back…

…right when you lost faith in my blog.

Just kidding, I know you didn’t realize I wasn’t writing anymore.

This last couple of months have been unbelievably wonderful: I finally settled in Copenhagen (and I have no intention of leaving it). My flat is amazing, my flatmates too. And the people I’m meeting every day.

I have to summarize two months, but I’ll keep it as short as possible.

1) Copenhagen is not as cold as I’ve been told (so far). It’s just freakin’ windy

2) I couldn’t choose better courses than those I selected (we’ll see this at the exam)

3) Cyclists are crazy (but not as much as me)

4) I won some pretty awesome headphones thanks to Telia (see amazing picture attached):

2013-10-13 22.10.43

5) I found some incredibly good Youtube channels: THIS and THIS. I got this song stuck in my head the whole day:



6) If you recycle here, you get the money back (guess how much my recycling rate went up):

recycling empire

7) If you don’t have a CPR, you are nobody (you will be asked for your CPR every time you want to do something that involves money)

8) I’ve got a Bugatti (just the bike, but I still have a Bugatti and you don’t!)

Bugatti bike

9) Everything’s happy, even sockets (this is probably the reason why Denmark is the happiest country in the world):

happy socket

10) My hand-ironing skills are reaching new unprecedented levels:


11) I miss Italian food (no jokes here, this is serious business):

Italian food

12) Denmark landscape is astonishing:

13) Danish people love to control everything, also your farts’ speed…

fart speed

14) …and they are not so good in selecting #hashtags:

2013-10-02 18.58.45

15) Finally, I am studying. With a library like the Black Diamond, everything’s possible (sort of):

studying you're doing it right


That’s pretty much it, folks.

I hope you enjoyed the quick wrap-up of the last two months. Stay tuned for more news!


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