QA&OUTs – Questions, Answers and Other Unrelated Things

1) The reason why they put stupid people in reality shows is that those who watch them project themselves in these characters, and can feel better about themselves by knowing how stupid the characters are.

it's a trap original

2) What happened with Kim Jong-un anyway? Is he preparing a huge attack or he just gave up?

kim jong-un ready for war

3) Man, what movie should I watch? I can’t decide (this is actually a Q&A, but I will be more than happy to help). So, these are the movies I watched in the last 4 days, all of which are more than suggested:



  • Life of Pi. A guy stuck on a boat with a tiger. Plus, the direction of Ang Lee:




4) I need to go out now. I managed to do a stop&go in the awfully amazing Bellosguardo before flying over to Copenhagen. Ah, by the way, it seems that I have a room now. In the city centre. I’m going to create a waiting list for all the people who want to come and visit me.


5) I’m learning some Danish, it seems like a mix of German and English (that’s probably the reason why it doesn’t seem so difficult).


6) From the series “songs that you can’t get out of your head”:



7) Ads that can solve the “I-need-to-share-every-second-of-my-life” problem. Plus, you get a free beer:



8) You can see the Doctor Who Police Telephone Box on Google Maps. Click on the double arrow once street-view is loaded. YOU’RE WELCOME.


9) Vine is the best app ever released (sorry Whatsapp, but this video will never be matched):


10) Just listen and relax. Have a good night!

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