Lunch break

I finally wrote a post in the middle of the day. Incredible, huh?

So here’s the reason. In the last few days I’ve been watching so many beautiful ads that I couldn’t resist to make a mini-list with the ones that struck me the most.

Special thanks go to Samsung, Red Bull, Dove, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. So, here we go, no more waiting – lunch breaks are terribly short:

1. Is that an old man playing basketball? #uncledrew


2. You are more beautiful than you think #WeAreBeautiful


3. In my view, this is the best one. Coca-cola is winning the ad race


4. Good guy Adobe


5. Can you stare at something for that long?


6. From more than one year ago, but it still generates lots of buzz


7. Nice catch! Plus, you can see the birdcam here (not very recommended – it got me a headache) and he’s got a British accent


8. Probably the most intriguing one from Red Bull


9. If this video gets to 1 million views, Toyota will donate 1 million meals to food bank. ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!


10. For travellers


11. Just discovered. Amazing (obviously, from Red Bull). The behind the scenes is spectacular.


12. And, finally, the best motivational video ever made


Enjoy your break (which is probably already gone, but enjoy it anyway)!!

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