I should have written this post last night, but I was way too tired to be able to write down something.

So, basically, last night I came back. The Milan experience is over. Mixed feelings.

last moments

The last moments with my flatmates were almost unreal, nobody could realize that in few moments everything was going to finish. I had such an amazing experience in this house, with both positive and negative sides… It’s easy to say “I’ll never forget it”, but this time it will be for real… And yeah, it could be that my experience in Denmark will be even more amazing, but still, this was gold.
The message I received from my flatmates as soon as I arrived home moved me, and my friends know that I usually cry once or at maximum twice a year…

everything packed

So, everything was ready, but I still had to find the force to leave the house… My lovely flatmate gave me a USB key as a present, and she put inside a picture we took when we used to have breakfast on the terrace every morning. The title of the pic was “I’ll miss you, enjoy your trip!”:

Enjoy your trip

So I had to run away and cry on my already empty bed… Oh, wait.. It wasn’t even mine anymore. Sorry new flatmate, you’ll find your bed washed with not-so-manly tears!

But let’s get going… I managed to pack everything in my car so I only had to do one trip. Here you can see a picture of my funny travel companion!!

travel companion

As soon as I arrived home, though, I realized I wasn’t exactly at home. Yeah, ok, here I can go around and do whatever I want, but there is something missing: the feeling you create with your flatmates is completely different from the one with your family (ok, it’s obvious… sorry for stating that).

Also, I’ve always been relocating year after year: from the South of Italy to the North, then to another city, then to another country, then back to Italy and to another city again and next, to another country again. I’m not quite sure where I should feel at home. Well, I think I’ve got something… It’s different, it’s not that I don’t feel at home.

I actually feel at home everywhere I go. Every place has given me something that I’ll never forget. Friends, parties, cheap beer, amazing sight-seeings, etc… And every time I go back to a particular place I still feel that I am at home. That’s it. Thanks WordPress for helping me out on understanding this.

So… Here we go!! Next home: Copenhagen!

Holy crap, I forgot my bike in Milan!!

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