Leaving is never easy

This post couldn’t start with a different song:


Every time it gets harder.

Today I started packing all my stuff, and I became sad. I know, I’m leaving in 2 days, but there is so much stuff that I need to start some days earlier.

Going through books, notes, presents, made me realise how amazing this year has been. Friends, exams, more-than-friends… This is where everything gets harder. Most of my classmates will only leave for a semester and they will be back here in Milan to complete their studies, but not me. I will spend the whole Academic Year in Copenhagen, and I’ll be back here in Italy just for the graduation (hopefully I’ll have a job there and I will be back in CPH).

Today I also packed my Xbox. I know it sounds stupid, but it was the hardest thing to do, because I will never be able to bring it over in Denmark, and it will have to remain at home… Good bye Xbox, take care!

good bye xbox

Apart from that, I already packed 3 suitcases. I still got 2 more bags to pack, but luckily I’ve got my awesome car here that will help me moving everything in just one trip (fingers crossed).

However, packing didn’t stop me from finding amazing videos on Youtube. I started to think that this is the real purpose of my life. So, here you go:

1. Amazing body-painting from Fiat USA… I’m wondering why we never get amazing ads like this in Italy (here the article from Mashable):


2. This NSA thing is getting out of hands:


3. Good ad from Qualcomm, showing how the world without mobile would be… The hashtag #BornMobile is getting trending on Twitter:


4. I’m still sad, and this song is the perfect background music I need:


There’s only one thing left in my drawer now. But it’s by far the most important thing now. BRING IT ON COPENHAGEN!!

Bring it on Copenhagen

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