It is over, but it just started

This post is going to be quite long, since I’ll have to catch up with all the time left behind.

Big news #1: exams, and the first year of my Master’s Degree, are over.

Big news #2: my quest to look for a place where to live and a job/internship in Copenhagen has just started.

So, in few words, I won’t be having any holidays this year. Fair enough, I am going to spend one year in one of the most awesome places on Earth – after Italy, obviously.

I actually had my last exam on the 5th of July, but I had to catch up with a few things, such as getting some sleep… I also hosted an awesome friend of mine!! I met him for the first time in Dublin almost 3 years ago, during my Erasmus programme, and he decided to come to Milan for 3 days to relive the good times gone. Amazing!! Almost as amazing as a cat that wants to be a dog:


Going back in time, exams were really stressful, but I eventually succeeded. It feels awesome not to have any exams left behind (especially finance, a course that I used to hate and that now I love), so I will be better focusing in spending my year at CBS… Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Going even more back in time, I started learning some coding languages on Codecademy… It’s an amazing tool if you want to start from the very basic tasks. Plus, the badge feature pushes you to do always more!

Also, I have become a Beta Tester for Keepod, an innovative Operating System…

keepod beta testerCan’t wait to try it!!!

Oh, another thing… I participated to the Wired Next Fest here in Milan, where I saw the cutest scene in all my life… THIS ONE:

big vs small dog

Cute, isn’t it?

You are probably asking yourselves “Why Piero hasn’t shared any music videos yet?”. You probably aren’t. Either way, here’s the best songs that helped me studying:

  • Macklemore, but especially the trumpets at 4:01:


  • The next summer song:


I won’t go further because I have too many stupid videos that I found in the last weeks and I feel the need to share them with you… But before that, I want to share a gallery of stupid/cute pictures (it’s part of a secret social experiment, don’t tell anybody!!). Just click on one of the pics and the pop-up gallery will open:


1. Sometimes I would just like to be a robot that makes clever jokes against Rory McIlroy:


2. The part when the dog gets stuck in the fence makes me laugh every time (btw, can this be regarded as animal cruelty?):


3. GoPro and Red Bull… No need for further comments:


4. One of the most interesting examples of guerrilla marketing:


This is probably enough for the day…


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