Once upon a time…

… I used to write posts on this blog.

Today I had the last presentation of many group projects. Don’t be happy though, there’s still one to complete… Plus, exams are coming and the next one is in 2 days and a half; gotta spend some more sleepless nights to study.

Anyway, today’s presentation was amazing and everybody was impressed by the job we had done.

Oh, I just realized I became a beta tester for the Fleksy Beta App (which is a new kind of keyboard that seems it will destroy all the other keyboard apps), but my not-so-smart smartphone doesn’t support it… I was so happy that I became a beta tester 😦

Here the video that shows how it works:


Well, no time to complain. I should be studying Statistics because I have the exam on the 7th. Yes, exactly. I “should be studying”.

Anyway, while doing one of the many projects for the University, I stumbled upon a company called Paymill and I sent them an e-mail praising their awesome work. It seems that I have a phone interview with them tomorrow 😀


Ok, since it’s already 11pm, I will start studying directly tomorrow morning… Now I’ll leave you with some videos I found throughout the day (actually some are from yesterday):

1. This guy is a hero:


2. It’s a 6 minutes video, but I really think you should watch it:


3. The most amazing song I’ve ever heard:


And finally, a gift for all the Game of Thrones fans who were disappointed by the last episode:


ENJOY! And Good Night!

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