The week-endless

Is it just me or does it happen to everyone?

Weekends have disappeared. Ne danno il triste annuncio gli studenti tutti.


But at least today it was an interesting day on the youtube videos side. I’ll start right away with this 20 seconds video. It clearly seems that Gangnam Style hasn’t faded away yet:


Now get ready and fasten your seat-belts… I’ve got plenty of videos to show – I know, I’m kind of disregarding the original subject of this post, but I’ve got the writer’s block.

And here we go!!

If you haven’t watched the first 3 “Celebrities read mean tweets” videos, watch them here (they will open in a new tab): #1, #2 (the best one in my opinion) and #3.

Now the fourth!


Have you watched all of them?


Fine, let’s keep going… Anyway, if you got to this point, it means that you have time to waste.

Some autotune stuff, it never lets you down… Remember Ain’t nobody got time for that? This one scores pretty close on the level of awesomeness:


To conclude, some serious stuff… My friend works for the magazine of my University and he made this video in order to advertise an event… Myself and some friends show up in the video: WE ARE FAMOUS!!!!!! Also, the video is really cool 🙂


I think there’s enough material to keep you “occupied” for a while. Sorry for my block, I don’t know what’s happening to me… I’d have plenty of topics to talk about, but I can’t find a way to develop them 😦

Enjoy your Saturday evening!



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