How did I get here?

Have you ever stopped for a while and wondered how you got to that precise moment?

I like to do that – quite often lately, especially because I tend to forget things – and every time it gets me into one of those “trips” that make me forget I am cycling to University (and almost get killed by cars).
Questions like “How did I get here physically?”, “Why am I in Milan right now?”, “How did I get selected for the Double Degree programme?”, “Why is that car heading towards me?”, etc… have become a routine now. You should try sometimes, if you’ve never done it before.

And here comes the first pick, it could be of help:


I was also thinking about what being friends really means.
Today was one of those days where I felt really proud of myself in helping a friend who’s not in “his best shape”, and I wouldn’t even realize what I was doing unless some people made me notice it, and I’ve known him for only 9 months.  The truth is, some people really get into your life and are able to change it, no matter if you’ve known them for years or just a short time.


Holy crap, it’s already twelve thirty. Gotta go to bed because tomorrow it’ll be another of the “How did I get here?” days. And I’ll keep developing this topic. If you like it. Or if you understand it (today my language skills are on holiday).



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