The place to be

I woke up at around 10am yesterday, and my mother asked me if everything was ok.

My answer was “Yes, finally!”

Really, I couldn’t resist one more day at the University. Bellosguardo really is the place to be when you are stressed.

As soon as I arrived here, I got loads of surprises: Easter eggs, mozzarelle, homemade pizzas , and plenty of other food… Here, have fun:


Now you understand why my stress level has decreased to almost zero… Well, thanks to songs like this too:


Also, check out this playlist, it’s wonderful:


This place – and some people too – has this amazing power to calm me down, and I was looking forward to come here.

Things are getting on the right path (hopefully), even though I’m not doing much; well, I’m eating almost all the time, not studying much but, above all, I’m sleeping like a normal person… I love it!

Unfortunately, I’m just two days away from getting back to the previous life, meaning university/exams/group projects/not sleeping anymore… But I’m ready for this, I feel like I was born again.

Because of some people, days can get really interesting and, when you’re in a good mood, you feel you can do so many things. Oh, yeah… Let’s not forget the food my grandmother cooks for me because “I look withered”. That gives me the power to do basically everything 😀

Ok, let’s go back to the useless stuff my blog is supposed to be caring about. I just found this video on Youtube, and the voice of the speaker is out of this world:


Also, Family Guy never lets you down:


Finally, there are so many Harlem Shakes around the world (and some of them are freakin’ cool), but none of them can compare to this one:


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