It’s Saturday, isn’t it?

I spent the whole day thinking that it was the last day of University before the break, and also that it was already Saturday.

But, eventually, the actual Saturday has arrived – just 6 minutes ago – and I feel so much better now. Tomorrow morning I’m driving back home and on Monday I will travel to my hometown, Bellosguardo, (it’s a complicated story) and I hope my friends from there won’t read this post because it’s supposed to be a surprise!

Anyway, today it was the last day of class with the instructor I fell in love with (she’s so beautiful that when she talked to me my heart started playing drum and base), the last day of group meetings – just until I come back to Milan, don’t get excited about it – and, finally, the day in which my colleagues got the results of the exchange programme destinations.

I don’t know how I will be able to travel from Copenhagen up to places like Rio de Janeiro, Taiwan, China and other exotic places, but since I’ll be staying abroad for one year, it is more likely that I’ll be hosting my friends… And I can’t wait to see them in CPH!!

Again, I came back home late today. And, as a matter of fact, I’m having dinner right now… Proof:

midnight dinner








And look what I just found. I suggest to you to subscribe to the channel:




oh, now Saturday started 25 minutes ago

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