I won’t even try apologizing anymore… I missed my one-post-per-day target miserably – AGAIN.

I’ve been a bit off target in the last couple of weeks. Group projects are countless, and I haven’t been sleeping… Not even shaving (I had to skip a class yesterday just for shaving a bit). I don’t even check Facebook that often anymore, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

My flatmates were quite worried today when they saw me getting back home at only 7pm (instead of midnight, as it usually happens)…


…but I’m just three days away from the midterm break, so I’m looking forward to spend the last 3 sleepless days.

Another good thing that has kept me awaken is the fact that in September I’m moving to Denmark (hell yeah, I finally made it) and I will stay there for one year. The bad thing that has kept me awaken, instead, is the fact that I absolutely need to find money, since Denmark is freaking expensive – and I’m getting poorer. And thinner, but just because I’m eating less.

I’d like to go on and write – good and bad – things that happened to me in the last days, but I have to go back on a project (SURPRISE!), so I am just going to post the usual Youtube video and let you enjoy some amazing stuff…

This guy… THIS GUY IS JUST AMAZING! Sorry for the Italian song, but you need to know that we have good singers sometimes… If you’d like to have the translation, ask me and I’ll be more than happy to translate the song:


You may even want to check this video… This one’s got English subtitles, don’t worry:

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