We haven’t understood

I promised to myself not to talk about politics in my blog.

Fortunately, I will not, since in Italy politics do not exist anymore after this last round of elections: what we have here now is a country without a real government, and with 2 comedians that want to run the country.

I have to admit that I stole the title of this post from an article on the Spiegel talking about the Italian elections.

What the article misses is that Berlusconi’s party won in the regions with the highest concentration of Mafia-related crimes/businesses. Coincidenze? Noi di Kazzenger crediamo di no (sorry, I can’t translate this quote, because otherwise it would lose all its appeal).

Beppe Grillo’s party, instead, got impressive results almost everywhere. The only problem with the so-called “5-Star Movement” is that the people who will go to the Parliament and the Senate have no idea on how to run a country (same problem of the previous party, though).

So, I ended up losing faith in Italians, which have jumped to the first place in the rankings of the nationalities I hate the most – you wouldn’t believe that, but I can hate as well.


Yes, there is something more. Today, I was going back home after – finally – just half a day at the University (yes, University is killing me again – I slept on average 3 hours per night in the last 5 days) riding my awesome bike. I had a big smile on my face because I was listening to one of the songs I love the most – check the lyrics in the description to understand why – and I ran into a kid who saw me smiling and said “Hi!”.

I was impressed with the gesture, since nobody says hi to strangers anymore (well, apart from the couple of girls I met in the last two days, but that’s another story 😀 ), and I suddenly thought that some Italians are still worth to be saved.

I  know most of us haven’t understood, but we can’t let this amazing country get lost.

I have faith.

This is the pick of the day, by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen… Even more than the wingsuits!!

Plus, Netsky… No need for presentations:

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