The balance of the weekend

I thought this at 20:13. I’m checking how long it takes me to develop the concept.

So, today I was thinking that the weekend brings balance to the rest of the week.

Throughout the week you have no time to do stuff, always in a hurry, and you get to the weekend fed up with your life. First thing you think is that you don’t want to do anything and just chill the whole time.

But then you realize you have to do the grocery, study some subjects, do the washing up, clean up the place and, why not, go out and get shitfaced.

That is, the balance. But, actually, it really does not exist. Or, seen from another point of view, the whole week is a continuous balance of always being in a hurry and not having time to do stuff.

Unfortunately (or luckily – I still have to understand if the balance is good or not), my week has been quite balanced, and in this weekend I did all of the things listed above.

With 4 hours left to the end of the day, I can just keep listening to the playlists I made on Spotify.

For some reasons, I am relieved.

p.s.: it’s 20:24 now, 11 minutes to develop the concepts. We are improving, man! Next time I will also try to put some sense in what I write.

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