I just forgot the title

Big news today:

1) This (from yesterday):

pope star wars

2) Spotify is finally in Italy.

That’s pretty much it. I’m still waiting for Netflix though.

Ah, yeah. The Black Keys won the Grammy Awards again… TAKE THAT, LOSERS! I tried to tell you they’re the most awesome band of the moment, but you didn’t want to listen to me!

For those who don’t know them, enjoy THE AWESOMENESS:


Also, today it was quite an interesting day at the Uni. The keyword for the whole second semester is “group project”. I lost the count and I think I messed up some groups with some other projects, but no worries, our technicians are working to fix the issue. Nonetheless, the subjects are still interesting.

Apart from Finance, which, as I said yesterday, is the subject that I hate the most on the face of the Earth.

Today’s pick (that my Facebook friends already enjoyed):


However, since most of my visitors are also Facebook friends, I have chosen another pick, so as to commemorate the crushing victory of The Black Keys. Kaboom!

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