Are you a hacker? I’d love to

The second semester just started, but this doesn’t mean there are no surprises.

We’ve got the (not-as-awesome-as) Barney Stinson’s doppelganger. He’s Danish, and I’ll probably use him as an asset to try and go to Denmark next year… Surprise surprise, I want to leave Italy. Again.

We also got a fantastic professor, but she looks like one of the Teletubbies and makes me laugh every time she speaks.

Then we got this small marathon guy that asked me if I was a hacker. Best moment of the day. No wait, the best moment of the day was seeing the embarrassment of people when they have to face awkward situations – I’m so sorry I can’t delve more into details, but it was so funny you should’ve been there to understand.

And, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, one of the subjects we’ll be studying throughout the second semester is freaking cool. I simply love it (it’s the hacker thing if you got any doubts)!
We are also going to make a project with a private company that will be worth 60% of the final grade. That’s just plain amazing – and a bit scary – but I feel so charged up for this semester!

Oh, yeah… I almost forgot. We also got Finance, the most horrible subject an economist/business manager could ever study. But I have that subject tomorrow. Today it was good, it was really really good!


Mix of the day – actually, I’ve been listening to it for the whole week – that I’ll leave you with tonight. It’s a 1 hour mix, but don’t worry about it. Just open it in a new tab, play it and leave it there (you can click on the title to open it directly in a new tab). Thank me later!

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