Sorry for the delay

We’ll be back as soon as possible…

sorry for the delay

Oh man!! I really missed writing on the blog, but because of two exams and the wrong schedule I decided, I had to give up writing for quite a long time. Sad story. But now I’m here, ready to fill your lives with useless stories about my life and from the Internet.

You may think that this exam session destroyed me, but to be fair, I didn’t find these subjects particularly harder than those I studied during my bachelor – I know, I just said it, and now I’m pretty sure I’ll get low grades or will fail them.

Actually, life has been quite easy in the last months and, whenever this happens, I like to complicate it because otherwise “it wouldn’t be fun”. Shit.

Ok, sorry with the complaining. Let’s get to the good part of the story.

1) EXAMS ARE OVER! I officially died yesterday and I will resurrect on Sunday, one day before the beginning of the “not-as-easy-as-the-first” semester.

2) Italy won against France in the first fixture of the 6 nations… Again!!! Sorry French friends, I just had to 🙂

3) I found the biggest corn flake on the face of the Earth (I like to have fun with very little and useless things):

the biggest corn flake on the face of the Earth

4) I can’t remember where I saw it first time, but I found this amazing 1-minute video shot in Namibia. HD quality recommended:


5) Red Bull has done something awesome (of course it has, it always makes awesome stuff!):



Oh, and one last thing: as a reward, I finally downloaded Ruzzle… I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASSES!!!!!!

(once I learn how to play with it)


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