How the f**k you don’t know what BMS is?

That’s it… Sorry for the title, but things like this make me really angry.

Seriously guys, you cannot not know what Blue Mountain State is. Ok, I won’t play you along… Check this video out and be amazed:


If your mind is not clear enough, it’s the story of an U.S. college football team. Playing, partying, getting drunk, going to classes, etc… Usual stuff, isn’t it?

The welcome video from the team captain Thad Castle maybe can help you:


There are 3 seasons of 13 episodes each so far and, BIG NEWS, they only last around 20 minutes (apart from the first episode, which lasts 30 minutes)… You can watch it during your study breaks 😀

I mean, if you’re still unsure about joining BMS, then you should watch the recruitment video:


What are you still doing here? GO AND WATCH THE SHOW!!!





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