Only one day left! I also added a link with the tips on how to write the VERY SHORT essay for the application!

Il Dottor Milione

Answer to the first question: it’s an amazing experience.

Answer to the second question: because it’s amazing.


Ok, let’s be a wee bit more clear. The Model European Union is a simulation of the European Union decision-making process (ok, I took it from the website, but there’s no other way to explain it briefly). There’s also a page on Wikipedia, guys…

Basically, you can either choose to apply as a Member of the European Parliament or Member of the Council of the European Union, but also as a lobbyist, a journalist, or an interpreter. If you are confused about the roles, you can check the descriptions here.

During the simulation, you will go through two different proposals drafted by the European Commission. This is the fun part: you can debate on the issues you care most, and here the most extreme wings usually add some spice to…

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