The incentive to deviate

One thing I learned from the (probably) most useless subject I’ve ever studied at the University is that human kind – in the case of the subject we were talking about firms, but it’s the same – is the incentive to deviate, or, put simply, the incentive to fuck up the other person and get all the surplus in the short-term. I hope it’s clear, I’m not going to explain it again.

In my case, the incentive to deviate is given by not taking the exam tomorrow and enjoy one more day of freedom before taking it on the 4th of February. I know, it doesn’t make much sense, but another thing I learned from the course is that if the discount factor is quite high (or quite low, don’t make me think about it), there is the likelihood that the individual values the freedom today more than the freedom tomorrow… Is that all clear? It should be, otherwise it means that I didn’t pass the exam because I didn’t understand it either.

Then, if you add the fact that I have an Xbox and that Microsoft is developing something like the stuff you will see in this video, you will understand why I’ve got an incentive not to study for tomorrow and playing instead.


Yeah, this post is quite confused, as I am right now… Maybe I should go to bed right now, wake up early tomorrow morning and study up to 1 minute before the exam… Or I should have another coffee and study now instead… Or I shouldn’t write on the blog when my favourite team is playing…

Or, I should go and see a doctor.

2 thoughts on “The incentive to deviate

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