The Dottor Milione’s top 20 Youtube videos of 2012

It’s that time of the year in which everybody makes new year’s resolutions… I don’t like to do that, I’m not good at keeping promises.

What I’m good at, instead, is finding funny – or in some other ways interesting – Youtube videos and I had the idea of making a list of the videos that struck me the most in 2012 (quite original idea, isn’t it? ). Originally, it was supposed to be just 10 videos, but I really couldn’t take any of these out of the list. I know it’s a long list, but most of them are quite short, and you will hardly find a video that you already know 🙂

The list is in a random order, because I couldn’t decide which was the best video ever, therefore the number just represents the number of the video, not its ranking. Enough with the introduction, let’s move to the videos!

1) Great ad from Air New Zealand


2) It’s become a classic, and my ringtone for a long time (I suggest you to watch the original video first by clicking here)


3) Did you see that coming?


4) The video celebrating 25 years of Erasmus programme


5) Fantastic call to a local radio


6) The most amazing and useless talent I’ve ever seen


7) Another amazing ad


8) I guess we all did this; well, at least I did


9) Oh, Mr. Bean (watch a better version here)


10) My favourite video of my favourite athlete


11) The moment when Obama became cool


12) To listen ’till the end


13) Take that, celebrities!!


14) Never fight with your older brother


15) You will feel very confused after watching this video


16) Simply, a hero


17) Poor engineers


18) What an amazing challenge


19) 6 seconds of pure awesomeness


20) Song of the year


Sorry to have bothered you for so long…

thats all folks


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