Big NERDY news!


this post doesn’t bring you great news, unless… you’re a NERD!!!

First one: Canonical (that is, Ubuntu) is going to release a phone version of its amazing Operating Software… CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Here’s the video, I obviously recommend you to watch it from the beginning ’till the very end (the guy has an amazing British accent!!):


You’ve got buffering problems or you don’t want to listen to 22 minutes of just chatting?


Then I’ll briefly tell you the story. Ubuntu will have a faster access, the lock screen isn’t actually a lock screen but rather a welcome screen which gives you social updates whenever you receive them. Being open-source, there will be tons of apps ready for you. It has the possibility of desktop convergence, that is you can connect your desktop computer to your phone (amazing). There are agreements with Dell, Asus, HP and I can’t remember which other companies to provide Ubuntu-certified desktop computers. And last, but not least – actually this should be the most amazing news – , there will be STEAM (on your desktop computer, but give time to time). END OF THE FIRST AMAZING STORY!

Enjoy the hands-on demo (remember, this is not the final version):


Another story, that I just ran into, is that Facebook will provide free phone calls to the users (sorry, the article is in Italian). This feature is only available in Canada at the moment, but if everything goes the right way we will all enjoy free calls around the planet!

WAIT! I just found the article in English on Mashable!!!

One thing to remind: even though the call is free, it will be using your Internet data plan, therefore be sure to see how many Gigabytes you have left before making a Facebook call.

And those were the NERDY news for today… I am going to look for other news, but I’ll be travelling for tonight and tomorrow, so I can’t assure you get the latest NERD stuff!!

I gotta go!! Enjoy!!



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