[Wiki] How to keep your PC/Mac clean (for beginners) – Part 2

Welcome back with the second part on how to keep your computer clean using one of the easiest yet useful programs available on the web, CCleaner. If you haven’t followed the first part (or you haven’t downloaded it yet) you can find all what you need in the previous post I have made.

Today I am going to talk about the Registry section of CCleaner. This tool will help you to clean the registry from the obsolete data and broken links/software/etc. keys – that is, junk codes – which are of no use to your computer anymore.

I promise this tutorial will be much faster than the previous one. Are you ready? Let’s begin:

1) First of all, open CCleaner and go to the Registry section (as always, pics will open in a new tab if you click on them):


2) Now, you can basically check all the boxes you see – they won’t harm your computer – , and then you can click on “Scan for Issues” (the first time you run it, the scan will be quite slow, but it will get faster over time as it will find less problems in the registry):


3) At the end of the analysis, you will probably have an almost infinite list of problems (since it’s the first time you run it). Now click on “Fix selected issues as shown in the picture:


4) Now a window will appear asking you if you want to keep a backup of the changes to the registry. I suggest you to do so, at least at the beginning, even though I never had issues… but you know, computers can make silly surprises:


5) At this point, I also advise you to create a folder named CCleaner in the Documents folder, where you can keep your backups (they are very small in size):


6) After having saved the backup, click on “Fix all selected issues”:


7) When the program will have completed its task, you can close the window. As a final recommendation, try and run it several times until you see an – almost – empty list of issues. One day, you will probably end up with a list like this:


Have fun cleaning your computer!!! And don’t forget to report any issues or steps that are not clear to you… I’ll be happy to help!! 🙂

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