[Wiki] How to keep your PC/Mac clean (for beginners)

And here we are with another step by step tutorial. In this one, I will just explain how to setup and use the Cleaner section of CCleaner. I will explain the use of the Registry Cleaner and the additional tools that this amazing and easy-to-use  program provides in another post, otherwise this gets very long (it just looks long, but it won’t take more than 5 minutes).

1) First things first: download CCleaner. These are the links: CCleaner for PC, CCleaner for Mac (for Mac users: I haven’t tried CCleaner on a Mac, but from the screenshots I have seen that it looks exactly like the one for the PC – anyway, if you have any problems during the setup phase, contact me).

(I checked all the pictures, since they look small I modified them to open in a new tab once you click on them, so you can see them larger)

2) After you have downloaded it, proceed to the setup. At the 3rd setup page, you’ll find this window:


I usually uncheck the first option because I like to keep my desktop clean, but you can leave it if you like to have shortcuts on your desktop.

3) At the completion of the setup, uncheck the option “view release notes” (you won’t need to see them – it’s just a notepad document):


4) Now CCleaner will be opened and you’ll see something like this (don’t worry about the tabs on the top, they’re from my awesome Toshiba laptop):


5) Now we can start the difficult part. It all depends on what you wish to keep or remove from your computer. You will see 2 tabs called “Windows” and “Applications”.

6) Let’s start from “Windows”. Here, I check everything except the options circled in red (sometimes they are useful to be kept in the computer). Here you can also start the first part of your personalization: If you like to keep passwords and auto-complete form history (like the popups that appear while you’re typing for example your login name on a web page) for Internet Explorer, then you should UNCHECK them, otherwise they will be deleted – if you are unsure about anything, you can comment or contact me -. I like to delete them every time I use CCleaner for a matter of security:


7) In the tab “Applications” you can basically select everything in order to be deleted (it won’t harm your computer). You can keep passwords, saved form information and even history for Firefox and Google Chrome if you wish to. As I said earlier, it is probably safer to delete them from time to time:


8) Now we can proceed to the first cleaning of the computer. Once all your desired options are selected, click on “Analyze” and a scan will start. The first time you are using it, it will be unbelievably slow, but just because there are a lot of junk files which are just wasting your computer’s hard disk space. At the end of the analysis you will see this (sort of):


9) You can finally click on “Run Cleaner” (remember to close the browsers – and remember to return on the blog once you have run the cleaner :D) and your computer will be freed from all the junk files 😀 (also the cleaner will be considerably slow the first time you run it).

10) Enjoy your larger hard disk space and your (probably) faster browsers!!! Once you close CCleaner your personalization will be saved, so you don’t have to check/uncheck the boxes every time you open it.

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