Sad day (but also some fun stuff)

You already know that… Rita Levi Montalcini died today – yeah, she was quite old (103), but I still think that she could have inspired our lives a bit more if she was still alive.

I am not usually moved by the deaths of well-known people (I know, I’m a bad person), but she is one of the – unfortunately – few people that make me proud of being Italian. RIP, you will be missed!

RIta Levi Montalcini quote difficult moments

Rita Levi-Montalcini “Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them”

On a completely unrelated topic, I wanted to make a post on how to keep your PC clean with a very basic tool – CCleaner. However, since I just came back from playing a 2-hour long futsal match and I’m trying to study now, I’ll do that tomorrow (and I’ll also include the step by step tutorial on how to set it properly).

To make you forgive me, I found some other fun stuff on the interwebz:

1) this is the comic from the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, especially recommended for gamers and for economists (better if you are both)!!

2) and this is the “useless”, as well as “amazing” video that I found today

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