What did I learn today?

It’s been quite an interesting day…

Today I have learned that facebook is trying to change the Timeline again (it’s actually old news, but I stumbled upon that only today)…

I also learned that there is a somehow interesting knot, which you will be able to make only if you are 3 hours early on your schedule (so us Italians are already out of the game)

About studying, I learned that it is impossible to get something done if you have a working Internet connection – I already knew that, but today I have tried really hard not to use it – and that if you repair your little cousin’s netbook, you’ll be doomed for the rest of your holidays…

As I am writing, I am also trying to watch a video on the 2012 best pictures, but the sometimes-working Internet connection of my town doesn’t want me to see, so I’ll leave the link to you to check it on your own


[EDIT] I managed to watch it, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

And finally, I’ll leave you with the latest post from the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which I bookmarked for a month now… You should do the same: SMBC

And now, OFF TO PLAYING RISIKO!!! (and after that, off to eat homemade pizza, but you won’t have any :devil’s laugh:)

2 thoughts on “What did I learn today?

    • I am flattered 🙂 Thank you!!!
      It’s the first time I am running a blog, and I’m doing my best in trying to keep it as original as possible!
      I’m glad you liked it!!

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