I’m in control (count on it)

In the day I have chosen as the Paper-Writing day (my university colleagues will understand) I decided to download the WordPress app for Android…
Strategic move? Probably… Not

What is actually less strategic is that I’m assaulted by doubts while trying to write down some parts for this “maledetto paper” as in “what am I going to eat for lunch?” or “why is it so hot in December? (almost 20° cari amici del nord)”

freakin' hot

That’s pretty much it, I am just writing to figure out how easy is to use the WordPress app…
Ah, and something else: why the hell there is a problem with the Samsung USB modem driver? I can’t update my phone anymore and I’m spending a lot of time and effort on it, but no solutions so far…
Oh, right.. THE PAPER!!!!

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